Independent Electoral Commission – National Results Centre (March 2004 – April 2004)    

Responsible for the organising and coordination of launch of the National Results Centre in Pretoria, including all invitations, RSVP Management, protocol issues and adherence to programmes and schedules.
Facilitation of the information flow in terms of media relations and liaison. This included organising and managing of 13 media briefings and all media alerts. Provided a schedule and plan for all media interviews with the CEO, Chairperson, DCEO and/or relevant Electoral Commission Officials.
Preparation of all media packs and in consultation with the Electoral Commission Media person, drafted various press releases. Coordinated and managed the Final Announcement press briefing and cocktail function at the National Results centre.
Management and staffing of the information desk at the National Results Centre, including updating media of all events as they happened. Responsible for the coordination and management of the Exhibition area, including all sponsorship branding and exhibition areas.
Responsible for a portion of the operational staffing requirements in order to facilitate the flow of information. This included interaction and cooperation with all related parties such as the Facilities Management and Catering Companies.
Provided a full and comprehensive support package at the centre with regards to staffing, providing staff for 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for the election process duration.