Head of Treatment – Sheryl Rahme

Sheryl Rahme was a member of TOUGHLOVE® South Africa for 23 years and Chairperson for six of those years. Sheryl is the South African Representative for TOUGHLOVE® International and is still actively involved in TOUGHLOVE® and hosts most of the training workshops that TOUGHLOVE® present annually.

Sheryl’s association with TOUGHLOVE® began when a family member got involved with substance abuse, and she set out to learn everything she could about addiction and the family’s role in order to help her family and the families at TOUGHLOVE®.

This has resulted in Sheryl having a long history of personal experience of ‘addiction within the family’, as well as a professional understanding of how to treat addiction in a dignified way. Sheryl gained a large amount of training from TOUGHLOVE® International when she went over to the United States to represent South Africa at the REPCAT. Her training is ongoing.

Sheryl has been involved in Outpatient Recovery Treatment for 8 years and she wrote and designed the Asiboni Mbala Drug & Alcohol Outpatient Recovery Centre. Sheryl counsels addicts, both in group therapy and individually.

Because of her involvement with Toughlove, Sheryl specializes in working with families as a family counsellor and holds weekly Family Support Groups at Asiboni Mbala and runs workshops dealing with Codependency and Substance Abuse.

Today, Sheryl’s passion is teaching people how to take care of themselves by empowering them with adequate support and appropriate Life Skills by setting healthy boundaries, in order that they develop into healthy, productive members of Society. She heads the team that runs the Asiboni Mbala Outpatient programme and is very proud of her colleagues, partners and team that runs this superb outpatient programme.

Sheryl melds her skills and her knowledge into a powerful counseling style and ability. The Asiboni Mbala Outpatient Recovery Programme was written and implemented by Sheryl and is the result of her vast experience and research over the years.
Services Offered
Addiction Training Courses
Substance Abuse in the Workplace
Self-Growth Workshops
Prevention Workshops
Professional Intervention Services
Assessment and Referral Service
Operation Drug Free School
Cognitive Treatment Programme for Adolescents

Addiction Treatment Programme
Body Treatments
Support Groups
Individual Counselling

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