Pioneering a revolutionary initiative in Recovery, the Asiboni Mbala Outpatient Recovery Centre prides itself on the restoration of mind, body and soul after addiction.

The disease of addiction affects the addict holistically and so, we believe, it should be treated holistically as well.

The Asiboni Mbala Outpatient Recovery Centre aims to treat the after effects of addiction and address the symptoms of this Biopsychosocial illness.

The counseling team at Asiboni Mbala is multi-skilled and collectively have many years of experience. Among them are both professional therapists and recovering addicts whose perspective, insight and training has led them to be excellent in their field.

Asiboni Mbala Outpatient Recovery Centre is dedicated to Recovery. We believe in the ability the addict has to step out of active addiction and find serenity from the madness of their disease.

Services Offered
Addiction Training Courses
Substance Abuse in the Workplace
Self-Growth Workshops
Prevention Workshops
Professional Intervention Services
Assessment and Referral Service
Operation Drug Free School
Adolescent Life Skills Development
Adolescent Outpatient Treatment

Addiction Treatment Programme
Body Treatments
Support Groups
Individual Counselling

Contact Details
078 194 7718
082 449 9431
086 695 1295
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